A great way to keep your calendar events organized is to assign each person (in your family, group, etc.) a unique color. We recommend creating multiple calendars within a single Google or Microsoft account. Each of those calendars can be added to the DAKboard and then assigned a color. 

To see what these colors will look like on the various Calendar Layouts we offer at DAKboard, check out our article Calendar Layouts and Settings, which shows you how this will appear in each Layout.

Microsoft and Google Authenticated Accounts:

Both Google and Microsoft direct authorized calendars with DAKboard will share the calendar colors. This means that the color you set in Google or Microsoft will automatically display in DAKboard without needing to make any other changes. To configure authorized calendars check out each corresponding guide:

How to Add Your Google Calendar to DAKboard

How to add your Microsoft 365 calendar to DAKboard

Once you're authorized, you can simply create additional calendars and set colors.

Authenticated Accounts Custom Colors:

Another change we've recently made is allowing users the ability to change the color of their authorized calendars from within their DAKboard account. Whether the reason is to make it easier to read, or simply to make it more aesthetically pleasing, you can now override the colors assigned in your Google & Microsoft 365 calendars from your Screen.

To change the color of your calendar events, open your Calendar block, under the Calendars tab, find the calendar you want to display, click the Color button, then choose your desired color and save.

To go back to the Auto Color selection, simply open the Color editor and click the X button in the upper right-hand corner.


To set a Calendar Color in your Google account, click on the three dots next to your calendar name, and choose the color.  Click SAVE in your DAKboard screen Calendar Block after setting to apply.  Only standard non-custom colors may be used at this time.

Google Event Specific Colors:

With Google, you can set colors for Specific events. Once you create your event, double-click the Event or click the Edit Pencil to open the Event Editor. From there you can select a color that is different from the Calendar color to make this event stick out. See the example below:

Your event will be displayed by the selected color for just that event.


NOTE: Currently, we only support custom colors for Calendar Colors and not Event-specific or Category color options. Our calendars do not receive this information from Microsoft authenticated accounts at this time. For more details see our GitHub Discussion

To set a Calendar Color in your Microsoft account, click on the three dots next to your Calendar Name, and choose the color.  Click SAVE in your DAKboard screen Calendar Block after setting to apply.  Only standard non-custom colors may be used at this time.

Apple, iCal, and ICS Calendars, Including Google and Microsoft iCal and ICS Links:

NOTE: Color additions to the URLs are available only with Paid subscriptions Plans. 

Other calendar types such as iCloud calendars may be added via an iCal or ICS link URL only, while for Google and Microsoft this is optional.  Any service you use with iCal or ICS links will need to have their colors assigned in DAKboard as the color data is not sent via iCal or ICS links. The available colors to the right of the URL field are what you can use for these types of links as shown below:

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