A great way to keep your calendar events organized is to assign each person (in your family, group, etc.) a unique color. We recommend creating multiple calendars within a single Google or Microsoft account. Each of those calendars can be added to DAKboard and then assigned a color. 

Microsoft and Google Setup

Both Google and Microsoft direct authorized calendars with DAKboard will share the calendar colors. This means that the color you set in Google or Microsoft will automatically display in DAKboard without needing to make any other changes. To configure authorized calendars check out each corresponding guide:


Once you're authorized, now you can simply create additional calendars and set colors.


To add an additional calendar to your Google account, click on the dots next to the "Add calendar" box on the left, and choose "New calendar":


To add a new calendar to your Microsoft account, simply click the 'Add Calendar' above the 'My Calendars' section on the left pane.

Apple and Other Setup

Other calendar types such as iCloud calendars may be added via an ICS or iCal link URL only, while for Google and Microsoft this is optional.  These can be assigned custom colors in DAKboard.com with the available colors to the right of the URL field as shown:

Event Specific Setup

If an event is for someone specific when creating the event in Google calendar, simply select the calendar for the event, instead of changing the color:

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