Add an Outlook/Office365 Calendar

In a Custom screen, add a calendar block, then edit the calendar block. In a Predefined screen, click the calendar tab. 

Next, click the "Link a New Account" dropdown, and select "Microsoft Calendar":

Follow the prompts on Microsoft to allow DAKboard access to your calendar. When complete, edit your screen again on DAKboard and select the desired calendar(s) to show:

Save your changes, and preview your screen to see your Microsoft calendars.

Add an Outlook/Office365 calendar via Publishing/ICS Link

Login to your Office365 account. If you're already logged in click here to bring up the calendar publishing settings.

Alternatively, to get to the calendar publishing settings you can click on the gear icon in the upper right, then under "Your app settings", click "Calendar". Then on the left side, click "Calendar publishing" (under Shared Calendars)

Select the calendar you want to add to DAKboard in the first dropdown, then select the permission level in the second dropdown:

Click the Save button at the top, and your ICS link will be generated and displayed

Highlight and copy the ICS URL that appears

Back in DAKboard, under your calendar settings on a Predefined screen, or in a calendar block on a Custom screen, paste in the link copied from the previous step:

Click "Save Changes" at the bottom and enjoy seeing your calendar on DAKboard. 

Further Troubleshooting

For more information, please visit the Microsoft support site here:

Additionally, you may need to create a sharing policy in order for the ICS link to show up. More information on this is here:

Having Trouble?

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