With DAKboard adding your Calendars is easy. This article is to help you with setting up your Google Calendar with your account.

Add a Google Account to Access your Google Calendars:

In a Custom Screen, add a calendar block, then edit the calendar block. In a Predefined screen, click the calendar tab. Next, click the Link a New Account dropdown, and select Connect to Google Calendar to link your Google Account:

Follow the prompts on Google to allow DAKboard access to your calendars. When complete, edit your screen again on DAKboard and select the desired calendar(s) to show:

Save your changes, and preview your screen to see your Google calendars.

Add a Google Calendar with "Secret Address in iCal Format":

NOTE: This is an older/manual method. We recommend using the above steps to link and authorize Google Calendar to get the full benefits we offer. 


Start by Logging into your Google Calendar.

NOTE: This must be done using a web browser on a phone, tablet, or computer. The necessary information is not available within the Google Calendar App.

Click the menu icon next to the calendar you want to add to DAKboard (below, circled in orange).  In our example, a calendar named "DAKboard" is being used.  The name of the first calendar listed under My Calendars will vary depending on how it was named in your Google account. Then click "Settings and sharing" (also circled in orange):

Next, scroll down and find the Secret address in iCal format URL under the Integrate Calendar section. Click on the Copy button as seen below:

In the DAKboard settings, for Predefined screens click on Screens > My Predefined Screen > Calendars. For Custom Screens, add a calendar block, click on the block to select it, and click the Edit button. Paste the link in the iCal URL field and click Save Changes.

Using G Suite (Google Apps) With DAKboard:

For those using Google Apps, your Google Apps administrator will need to make sure all users are enabled to share all details from their calendars. This can be changed in the admin center for your domain by following these steps:

  1. Login to Google admin at
  2. Click on Apps
  3. Click on G Suite
  4. Click on Calendar
  5. Then under Sharing settings, make sure External sharing options for primary calendars is set to Share all information, but outsiders cannot change
  6. Under General Settings, make sure External sharing options for secondary calendars are set to Share all information, but outsiders cannot change
  7. Click Save

Once enabled the Secret address in iCal format will become visible to copy/paste into DAKboard. 

Add a G Suite Resource (meeting or conference room) Calendar to DAKboard:

Make sure the previous section has been completed so G Suite users are enabled to share calendars. Once completed, 

Sign in with your G Suite account and open Google Calendar. On the left, above My Calendars, click the 3 dots then Add a calendar and choose Browse resources as seen below:

On the right, next to the resource you want to add, check the box. The resource now appears in your My Calendars list and you can follow the steps above to find the Secret Address in iCal format.

Google Family Calendars:

Unfortunately, Google does not provide an iCal link for the family calendars so, at this time, there's no way to add the family calendar to DAKboard. As a workaround, we recommend creating a new calendar and giving everyone in the family the proper permissions (read or edit). You can then add the new calendar to DAKboard following the instructions above.

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