If your iCloud events disappeared from DAKboard and/or you are seeing an "Invalid" message or error icon next to your Apple/iCloud calendar URL, your URL could have been disabled and needs to be recreated. 

Follow these steps to regenerate your calendar URL

Log in to your iCloud account at https://icloud.com

Click on the Calendar icon

Click on the sharing icon (which looks like a wifi icon) next to your calendar name in the left column:

If "Public Calendar" is checked, uncheck it then click OK.

Next, click on the sharing icon again and check "Public Calendar". This will generate a new URL

Click "Copy Link" to copy it to your clipboard, and then paste this new URL into DAKboard.

For more information please see our related article on how to Add your Apple calendar to DAKboard.  You can paste the calendar link into your browser for testing at any time, if it does not download an ICS file it is no longer valid.

Having Trouble?

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