Note:  This article assumes that for Pre-Loaded SD card has already been added to a Pi4B device and installed into any case(s).  Non-Pi4Bs will carry slightly different connections but follow the same steps.

Connect HDMI to Display:

Connect the HDMI cable to the Mini-HDMI ports on the CPU as shown, and the HDMI on the Display device.  If a TV is being used, select the HDMI input labeled ARC/CEC when present:

Connect Power:

Connect the power cable to the power port highlighted below:

Automated Setup:

Your device will perform the first-time setup, indicated on the screen.  This may take 1-2 minutes and will be ready to configure as soon as the following screen is displayed.   Now you can move to set up the network:

Network Connection:

When you first set up your DAKboard OS device, or when it cannot join the network it will create a local Hotspot to join to make changes.  

Note: If you would alternatively like to set up via ethernet, simply plug the ethernet cable in and restart the device by unplugging it and plugging it back in.  The CPU Mini (Pi Zero 2W is wifi only, all other CPUs have ethernet connection.

 You will see this network available on your phone/tablet/computer:

Name/SSID: DAKboard (or DAKboard-Your Serial #)

Password: dakb5142

Note:  Your Computer/Tablet/Phone may indicate that this connection has no internet, this is normal, and make sure to stay on the DAKboard wifi until the configuration is completed

Connect to it using the Name/SSID and Password as above and in a browser type into the browser on the device, you connected to the HotSpot, to access the settings page to update the wireless network configuration.

Devices on OS versions 3.41 (RPi) or 103.41(OPi) and later will include the Touchscreen/On-Device Setup  configuration button at the bottom of the welcome page as seen below:

Touching this from a Touchscreen Monitor, or clicking it with a connected USB mouse, will also take you to the Settings Page without having to log into the DAKboard Hotspot

Note: When entering your network Name/SSID and/or password, if you use Autofill or copy and paste, you may add hidden characters such as spaces to the password. This will result in a failure to connect to your Network. Double-check your credentials do not contain these hidden characters.

Use this time to also set your resolution and other settings of your display as well and click save:

When the following page is displayed, your device is connected to your network and ready to be linked to your account:

Linking Your Display:

To link your device, visit the Displays & Devices page, and click the green ADD button.  Type in your link code or Serial # for older devices, add a name, select the screen you would like to display, and you're done!  Older devices that are displaying the serial number on the screen can be added in the same manner.

Supporting Documentation:

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