Occasionally your Authorization to an integrated app will need to be updated or changed to match updates made to that account if it is not functioning correctly, or you just wish to remove the access to your external app. In these cases, you will need to remove or reauthorize the app with the following steps.

Remove an External App:

Log into your DAKboard account. Under the Settings section, on the left side of the screen click on the App Authorization tab. This will open the list of all of your authorized accounts linked to your DAKboard account. See below:

To revoke the App in question, locate it in the list, click on the three dots '...' to the right of the App, and select the option presented to Remove or Revoke the service as seen in the example below:

NOTE: Some services may say something similar to Revoke, like Remove or Delete instead. This is based on the verbiage used by the app in question for the removal of authorization and not DAKboard. This different verbiage will accomplish the same action.

Reauthorize an External App:

If you wish to reauthorize, once this has been removed, go back to your screen, click on the block you need to add the account to, enter the block editor page, and authorize it again. This will create a new token and allow your service to begin functioning again.

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