This article will describe how to add a Photo block to your custom screen, and configure photos in your predefined screen.

Add Photos To Your Custom Screen

Add a Photo block to your custom screen by selecting "Add a Block" while editing your screen and under the Photos & Backgrounds section, select your photo source.  After you select your photo source, configure the block by linking your account or providing the URL depending on the source.

When you complete adding the source account information, click the "Settings" tab and make your selection:

Next, click the "Schedule" tab and make your selections:

Once your selections are made, click "Save Changes" and preview your screen.

Add Photos To Your Predefined Screen

To add a photos to your predefined screen by selecting the "Background" tab. Choose your photo source:

One the photo source is selected, input the necessary account information or links. An example below is boxed in red. Once the account information is added, select any options you would like under the Photo/Background Setting section.

Once your options are selected, click "Save Changes" and view your screen.

Having Trouble?

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