With your Plus or Pro level Subscriptions, you also have a Media Library. The Media Library allows you to upload your Photos to your DAKboard account and allows you to manage how they are used. From having a Single picture to random rotations, or even controlled rotations of your Photos. Check out the Compare Plans section of to learn more about the size of these libraries. This article will show you how to set up and use your Library and cover the advanced options with Organizational Tags.

Set up your Media Library:

You can access your Media Library in a couple of ways. When you Add the Media Library Photo Block and open the Editor page you will see a button called Manage Media which will take you to the Media Library or you can simply click the  Media Library tab on the left side of your under the Manage section as seen below:

From the Media Library, you can Upload your images by clicking the Upload button in the upper right-hand corner just like any other site. Clicking this button opens your Folders and allows you to pick any photo you want to upload. Select all the ones you want to add, choose Open, and then you can either add a Tag or just click Save to upload as seen below:

Once Saved you will see the images appear on this page. If you want to delete an image, click the checkbox in the upper left-hand corner of the image/images you want to delete, and click Delete Selected as seen below:

To add images to your Custom Screen, go to the Custom Screen you want to view the images from, click the Add A Block button, search for Media, and add the block as seen below:

From here, simply size the block, click on the Photo Block, open the editor, and check the images you wish to see. See below:

Save and your Images will start rotating. If you select only one, the image will stay the same. From the Block Editor, you can also make changes to how fast the photos change, the order in which they rotate, Link the Block to other screens, set a schedule as to when the block will show, and add special effects to the images. Check out the Settings, Formatting, and Schedule tabs for more information.

Organizational Tags:

If you have a large number of files, or if you just want to manage what you can display in your Media Library Photo or Background block on your custom screen, you can now organize these files by using Organizational Tags. Here is how it works.

From your DAKboard account click on the Media Library Tab on the left-hand side of the screen, or from the edit window of the block using the media library, click the Manage Media button to open the  Media LibraryIn the  Media Library, select all the photos you wish to associate with the new tag, then click the Set Tags button in the upper right-hand corner next to the filter. See below:

Set a name for the tag in the Tag item as: window, and click Create New:

After this on the custom screen in the Block using the Media Library, edit the block, select Tag, place a checkmark next to the tag/tags you wish to display then click Save. This will rotate through all files associated with those tags:

The images will dynamically change as the tagged photos change as well. To change the photos, just add a check next to any photo in the library, select the Set Tags button, and place a check next to any tag you wish to add the file to or remove the tag to exclude the file and click apply to complete the change:

Pro Staff Account Permissions:

With your Pro Level accounts, you can also have your Staff Accoounts access the Media Library when they are designing the Screens. You can give them as much or as little access to the Library as you wish. The permissions can be found under the Staff Account in the permission section under the Media Tab as seen below:

The permissions work as follows:

  • Create -  This will allow the user to upload images to the Library
  • Delete - This allows the user to delete the images they added to the Library. They cannot delete other users' Media
  • View - This will allow the users to see and interact with the Media that you allow them access to. You can let them have access to all the Media or just images loaded by specified users.

Having Trouble?

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