Here’s how to add a read-only feed of Teamup calendars in DAKboard. 

In Teamup, click the blue menu icon in the upper right, then select Preferences, then iCalendar Feeds:

In the next popup, copy either the "All calendars" address, or repeat this process for each individual calendar that you would like to add to DAKboard:

Next, in the DAKboard settings, for Predefined screens: click on Screens > My Predefined Screen > Calendars. Or for Custom Screens, add a calendar block, click on the block to select it, and click the Edit button. Paste in the link, optionally select a color for the calendar, and click "Save Changes".

You can set various calendar styles under the "Settings" tab, including agenda, monthly, schedule, etc. View our support article here to learn more about the various calendar styles:

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