DAKboard supports many different calendar layouts and settings. Select the desired layout and settings in your screen settings.

In your Custom Screen, access the Settings tab of the block editor to find the layouts:


Big Monthly: a monthly calendar with large dates, showing the next 1-12 weeks

Monthly: a monthly calendar showing the next 1-12 weeks

Agenda: an agenda-style calendar features events in a vertical or horizontal list:

Up Next: a schedule-style calendar with a large "Up Next" section. Ideal for conference room and meeting room schedules.

Availability: a block style showing the current occupied/available status based on a calendar's events

Add multiple Availability calendar blocks to your screen to create a room availability display.


In addition to the many available layouts, there are lots of settings to further customize the calendar layouts. For the Schedule/Agenda style calendar layouts, the following settings are available: 

And for the Monthly style layouts the following settings are available: 

Multiple calendars can be added each with its own name and color:

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