If you're having trouble connecting a DAKboard device to a Wi-Fi network, here are a few things to check and confirm.

First, try restarting the DAKboard device by unplugging the power and plugging the power back in. If that doesn't seem to fix the connectivity issue, continue on and check the following items:

  • Make sure the Wifi network and router are turned on.
  • If the Wifi network is not showing up as an option, try rebooting the router.
  • DAKboard can only connect to 2.4GHz networks, so if you have a dual band router or access point, make sure DAKboard is connecting to the proper 2.4 GHz network and not the 5GHz network.
  • DAKboard should not be connected to unsecured Wifi networks. Make sure the security level is at least WPA2, and a Wi-Fi password is configured.
  • Make sure to enter the network name and password correctly into DAKboard. Pay attention to any capitalization, spaces or special characters in the Wifi password.
  • Verify the DAKboard device is not outside of the in range of the Wifi network. Move DAKboard closer to your router/access point and see if it connects when moved closer. 
  • Avoid connecting to "Guest" networks, or to wifi extended networks ("Ext") as this can cause problems during the initial setup.

A few other advanced things to check:

  • Hidden SSID: If the network's SSID is hidden or set to not broadcast, you may need to temporarily unhide or broadcast this SSID to get DAKboard to connect.
  • MAC Address Filtering: If "MAC address filtering" is enabled on your router previously, you'll need to disable it or add an exception for DAKboard. Find your DAKboard MAC address here: How to find the MAC address

  • ICMP/ping: Make sure nothing is blocking outbound ICMP/ping traffic on the network, as the DAKboard device will need to ping a public IP address ( to test for connectivity.

Video Setup Tutorial

We have a video setup tutorial available here: https://youtu.be/7_cyt7LJ0QI that may provide additional information.