Your DAKboard OS version is displayed at the bottom of the Display's Settings page.  The Settings page can be accessed in a few different ways depending on if your device is connected to your network and DAKBoard account, or not. 

Connected to WiFi and registered to a DAKboard Account:

While connected to the same network as the Wall Display/CPU/Raspberry Pi, log into your DAKboard account, click on the Displays & Devices tab, click the three dots next to the device, select Settings, and then click View Device Settings. The Settings page will display and the OS version will be displayed at the bottom of this page.

Not connected to WiFi or registered DAKboard account:

While near the Wall Display/CPU/Raspberry Pi, connect to the DAKboard Hotspot called DAKboard on versions 3.0 and above. or  DAKboard-(Your Serial Number) on versions 2.32 and below which should be accessible through your WiFi connections list on your computer, phone, or tablet, by using the wifi password dakb5142. Then open a web browser and go to  The exact OS version will be displayed at the bottom of this page.

Having Trouble?

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