With DAKboard adding your Calendars is easy. This article is to help you with setting up your Yahoo Calendar with your account. 

Add a Yahoo Calendar:

We integrate with Yahoo Calendars via a shareable iCal link, the following instructions will guide you through the process to make it.

Visit and find your calendar on the left as shown then click Edit Calendar:

Click to toggle on the Sharable Link and copy the link:

Right Click and Copy Link Address for the ICS link:

Now, log in to your DAKboard account and select the screen you would like the calendar to appear on.

If it's a Predefined screen, click the Calendar tab then paste your copied link in the Calendar URLs section:

If it's a Custom screen, click the Add a Block button, choose Calendar, then click the Edit button to edit the block.

With your paid subscriptions you can optionally give the calendar a name and choose a color. Click the Save Changes button and then view your screen to see the calendar.

Having Trouble?

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