Google does not provide access to the built-in Birthdays, Contacts and Holidays calendars via their API. So unfortunately, there's no way to display those calendars on DAKboard. However, we do have a few work-arounds posted below.

Birthdays Calendar

We recommend creating a new calendar on Google titled "Birthdays-DAKboard", (or anything other than "Birthdays"). Copy over, or manually add birthdays to this new calendar as events, repeating yearly. When complete, edit the calendar block on DAKboard, and select the new "Birthdays-DAKboard" calendar.

Holidays Calendars

To add a US Holidays calendar to DAKboard, copy the following URL:

There are many other countries holidays calendars available here: Find the calendar you're looking for then copy the calendar URL.

Back on DAKboard, edit the calendar and paste in the copied URL:

Save your changes, and preview your screen to see the holidays on DAKboard.