With DAKboard adding your Calendars is easy. Though the Cozi App cannot be linked to your DAKboard account, you can set up your Cozi Calendar by using the following steps. 

Add a Cozi Calendar:

Here’s how to add a read-only feed of Cozi events in DAKboard. 

NOTE: This must be done on a desktop computer.

Sign into your Cozi Account from a computer. Click on the Settings tab from the Left Side of your Account page as seen below:

Under the calendar section of the settings page, click the Shared Cozi Calendars:

A pop-up window will appear showing all the calendars you can share. Choose the calendar you wish to share and click on the VIEW OR SEND COZI URL button that appears below it:

Highlight the URL by double-clicking it and copying the ICS or iCal URL from the screen or click COPY COZI URL as seen below:

In the DAKboard settings, for Predefined screens click on Screens > My Predefined Screen > Calendars. For Custom Screens, add a calendar block, click on the block to select it, and click the Edit button. Paste in the link in the iCal URL field and click Save Changes.

Having Trouble?

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