Here’s how to add a read-only feed of Cozi events in DAKboard. Note: this must be done on a desktop computer.

In Cozi:

Sign in to your Cozi account from a computer

Click on the Settings tab from the Left Side of your Account page

Under the calendar section of the settings page, click the Shared Cozi Calendars:

From here Choose the calendar you wish to share and click on the VIEW OR SEND COZI URL button that appears below it:

Highlight the URL by double-clicking it and copying the ICS or iCal URL from the screen or click COPY COZI URL as seen below:

In the DAKboard settings, for Predefined screens: click on Screens > My Predefined Screen > Calendars. For Custom Screens, add a calendar block, click on the block to select it, and click the Edit button. Paste in the link and click "Save Changes".

Having Trouble?

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