DAKboard OS devices utilize a unique display URL, giving them the ability to quickly and easily change the screen being shown on your DAKboard display.  Display articles are automatically set on all new devices, this article discusses their use and how to deploy them if not in place on your device.


These steps are only to be used once you have completed the initial setup of your Display and should only be done when instructed to do so by a Support Desk engineer or by our AI assistant. If this is the first time you are setting up your display, please use one of the following articles to assist you with setting up your Display:

Setup - DAKboard Wall/Mirror Display

Setup - DAKboard CPU/Micro SD Card

Add the Display URL to a DAKboard Display:

In your DAKboard account, click on Displays & Devices, then click the three dots next to the desired display and select Settings:

Next, highlight and copy the Display URL field (or click the copy button next to the Display URL field):

Then, click View Device Settings:

NOTE: Your device needs to be powered on and connected to the same WiFi network as your computer or tablet

Scroll down and paste your copied URL into the DAKboard Private URL text field:

Click Save Changes and when complete, restart your device by unplugging the power and plugging the power back in.

Your device will now start up and begin showing the screen marked as Default in the Screens section. 

Change the Screen Shown on a DAKboard Display:

After completing the above steps to add the URL to your display, you can then choose which screen is being shown on the display. 

1. Under Displays & Devices in the DAKboard options, click the three dots to the right of the display in the list.

2. Click the three dots and select Assign a screen

3. In the modal that pops up, choose the screen to show on this display and click Save Changes

Your display will soon refresh and begin showing the selected screens. Keep in mind that multiple screens are available on the Essential plan and higher. Compare pricing plans at the DAKboard Pricing Page

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