With DAKboard adding your Calendars is easy. This article is to help you with setting up your Microsoft 365 Calendar with your account. 

Add a Microsoft 365 Account to Access your Calendars:

In a Custom Screen, add a calendar block, then edit the calendar block. In a Predefined screen, click the calendar tab, enable the calendar, and scroll to the Connected Calendar section. Next, click the Link a New Account dropdown, and select Microsoft Calendar to link your Microsoft 365 Account:

Follow the prompts on Microsoft to allow DAKboard access to your calendars. When complete, edit your screen again on DAKboard and select the desired calendar(s) to show:

Save your changes, and preview your screen to see your Microsoft calendars.

Add a Microsoft 365 calendar via Publishing/ICS Link:

Login to your Microsoft 365 account. To get to the calendar publishing settings, click on your Outlook app, then click the calendar on the left side of the screen. On the calendar page, click on the gear icon in the upper right, click Calendar, and then click Shared Calendar as seen below:

In the Shared Calendars block, under the Publish a Calendar section, use the dropdowns to select the Calendar you want to publish then select the permission Can view all details, then finally click Publish to generate your ICS file. See below:

From here, you need to highlight and copy the ICS URL that appears, and the calendar MUST remain published for this to work. See below:

NOTE: If you unpublish this calendar you will need to publish it again and copy the ICS URL again to put it into your DAKboard account as the old ICS file will be invalidated.

Back in DAKboard, under your calendar settings on a Predefined screen, or in a calendar block on a Custom screen, select a iCal/ICS link calendar type and paste in the link copied from the previous step into the iCal URL field:

Click Save Changes at the bottom and enjoy seeing your calendar on DAKboard. 

Further Troubleshooting:

For more information, please visit the Microsoft support site here: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Turn-on-calendar-publishing-so-people-can-share-information-eb432e21-aaf0-466b-bf85-cefec0c7c4fc

Additionally, you may need to create a sharing policy for the ICS link to show up. More information on this is here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/exchange/sharing/sharing-policies/create-a-sharing-policy


  • Can you add a Microsoft 365 Group Calendar to DAKboard? - No. This is because the Group calendar allows multiple accounts to connect to a single calendar point. You can share these calendar permissions with one another through Microsoft Authenticated accounts, those permissions cannot be shared with a third-party app like DAKboard.

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