In a DAKboard Custom Screen, Click Add a Block and search for Home Assistant.

The Home Assistant Block will require a Remote API Base URL and a Long-Live Access Token.

Remote API Base URL

DAKboard will need a secure HTTPS method to access your Home Assistant instance API.  We support instances using Nabu Casa remote access, or secured access configured by the administrator via domain/IP and valid certificate.  Remote access options for Remote Assistant are discussed in detail in the below Home Assistant article:

Once you have your URL, you may place it in the API Base URL Field:

Long-Live Access Token

A Long-Live access token will authenticate DAKboard to your instance and is required for accessing the API in Home Assistant.  The Access Token can be created on the profile page of your Home Assistant instance GUI.  More details on the profile page are located in the below Home Assistant article:

Once you have the token, you may place it in the Authorization Token field:

Selecting Items

Once the API Base URL and Long-Live Access Token have been specified, all available items will display after pressing the Play button:

Available items can be enabled in the block by clicking the checkbox:

Having Trouble?

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