We haven't specifically tested the DAKboard OS on the original Pi Zero, and generally don't recommend it due to its limited CPU/RAM.  The Pi Zero takes a long time for the wifi to start up. Due to this, the OS assumes it's offline and starts the hotspot/setup mode.  These steps will only work with DAKboard OS 2.25 while following the Legacy DAKboard OS install instructions.

To get around this, try increasing the time in the autohotspot.timer file.  This can be done by accessing the terminal and using the nano text editor by running the following command:

sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/autohotspot.timer

This will open the editor, find the line that contains OnBootSec=30 and change that to OnBootSec=60 or higher if more time is needed. 

Save your changes by pressing CTRL+X, then Y, then ENTER and restart the Pi. When it boots back up, it will wait the specified time before testing for connectivity. 

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