If you're seeing a "No Signal" message that appears momentarily on your DAKboard Wall Display (v2, v2-plus), the Wall Display may be set to the wrong input. Follow the steps below to correct this.


You normally see this "NO SIGNAL" message when the display is set on the wrong input source. This is fairly easy to correct.


Note: In this incorrect input source mode you need to perform the 3rd step quickly. 


1. Plug in your DAKboard. If the power indicator light does not turn blue, press the power button momentarily. The power indicator light will turn blue, then the “No Signal” message will appear for about 1.5 seconds and the power button will turn orange.




2. Now, press the button labeled 2 and the Input Source Menu will appear. This menu only stays on for 2.5 - 3 seconds if no selection is made.

3. As soon as you see the Input Source Menu, press either the up arrow or down arrow button immediately. Once you press one of these buttons you will now have about 5 seconds before the menu disappears and you have to start all over.                 

4. Move the up or down arrow as appropriate to select HDMI as your input. AUTO will also normally work just fine.

5. Finally press 2 to select the correct option (HDMI or AUTO).

You can wait a few more seconds for the menu to disappear on its own, or you can press the 1 button to exit the Input Source Menu. It will probably take a couple of tries to get through this as the timing needs to be relatively fast.

Unfortunately, DAKboard has no control over this process since it is a function of the monitor, not DAKboard.

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