This article is here to explain how to add a To-Do Block to your DAKboard Screen. We will cover the difference between adding a To-Do Block to a Predefined Screen or your Custom Screen. DAKboard has several To-Do integrations available but only a few of these are available in the Predefined Screen and with the Free Subscription. Once you add a To-Do block you will be able to switch between these services if you like.

Predefined Screen:

The Predefined Screen is available to use with your Free, Essential, or Plus Subscription plans. Adding a To-Do to this requires you to use the Predefined Screen Editor on your account's Screens page. 

Log into your account, click the Screens tab on the left side of your main page, then click on the Predefined Screen to open the editor:

Click on the TODO tab, and select one of the supported To-Do options. See below:

Once selected, click the Connect To Account button, and follow the steps to accept the permissions we need to access your account:

When you return to this page it will ask you to refresh it to see your selected account information. Do this and select the To-Do list from your account you wish to view then Save Changes before you leave this page to apply them to your account

NOTE: Only a few layouts on the Predefined Screen support the To-Do list and Touchscreen integrations will not work with these lists, they are view only. Make sure you have selected one of the supporting layouts before you refresh your screen.

Custom Screens:

Custom Screens available on all Paid Subscription Plans, are different than your Predefined Screen. With Custom Screens you can add blocks, place them where you want, size them how you want, and even add as many copies of the block to the screen as you want. You control how you make the screen look and function. This means if you want multiple To-Do lists on a single screen you can do this. 

Start by opening or adding a Custom Screen on your Screens page. All accounts, including the Free Account, will have one Custom Screen already called My Custom Screen. On the Free account, you can explore what can be set up on a Custom Screen but you cannot use this screen. With your Paid Subscriptions you can use this screen or add another to get started. See below:

Once in the Screen Editor, click the Add A Block button in the upper right corner, then select Todo on the left side or type the To-Do Service you want to use in the search bar to add a block:

Size the To-Do block in your Screen Editor, then click the Edit Button in the upper left corner to open the Block Editor. You can then select the To-Do service if you want to change from your initial choice, authenticate to your To-Do account, select your list, add your options, save your changes, and start using your To-Do list:

With Custom Screens some integrations have additional controls that can be used with your To-Do. Check out the support article section called To-Do for additional information.