With DAKboard you can link your ToDoist Account and use your ToDoist to-do lists. This article will help you set up your ToDoist to-do block with your DAKboard Screens. 

Link a ToDoist Account:

ToDoist To-Do lists are available on both the Predefined Screens and the Custom Screens. To see how to set up your To-Do list see our article How to Add a To-Do block to your DAKboard Screen. Once your block is enabled on your Screen, you can use the steps below to link your account.

For a Predefined Screen, you will see a section named for your selected source with a button saying Connect To <Selected Source> while on the Custom Screen in the Block Editor, you will see the button as below:

Clicking this button will take you to the Login page for your account. Select the account you want to authorize and follow the steps to add your permissions.

NOTE: If you do not see the login page, or if DAKboard skips the account selection section, you may be logged into one of your accounts in this browser already. If you need to add a different account, try logging out of your account or logging into your DAKboard from an incognito browser as this will skip the auto-recognition step.

When you complete the permissions section you will see the screen below:

Click the Close Tab button to be navigated back to your Screen. Open your To-Do Tab or Block Editor again and proceed to the next section.

ToDoist Settings:

When you have authenticated your account, open up your To-Do Tab or Block Editor, there you will see a section where you can select your Account and the To-Do list you want to view. See below:

When you have selected your List, set your options, and make sure to save your changes. You can then refresh your Display to see your new To-Do list.

Optional Settings:

With your ToDoist to-do block, you have several options you can add to personalize your To-Do list. These options are detailed below:

  • Sort: This option allows you to select a sorting method for your To-Do list. These options are explained below:
    • Automatic: This is the default method of the API. This information is sent to us in a first-in first-out manner. This means that the order is based on when you created the task.
    • Alphanumeric: This organizes your event Numerically and/or Alphabetically.
    • Due Date: This organizes your account by the date the task is due.
  • Scrolling: This option will make your To-Do list scroll from the bottom to the top at a Slow or Fast pace if you desire this effect.
  • Show Due Dates: This will show the Due Date for any task that has one in the list.
  • Show List Name: This option will show the list/project name next to each To-Do item. This is useful when using filters to create custom lists
  • My Tasks Only: This shows only the tasks assigned to you in the filter/list/project you have selected to view.
  • Allow Completing: (Available with Google Tasks, ToDoist, and DAKboard To-Do Only) This option allows you to complete or re-open a to-do list item using either a Touchscreen device or a mouse connected to your Display.