With DAKboard you can link your Google Account and use the Google Tasks to-do list. Your to-do list will show any Tasks you add to your Google Calendar or your Google Tasks list itself. This article will help you set up your Google Tasks to-do block with your DAKboard Screens. 

Link a Google Tasks Account:

Google Tasks To-Do lists are available on both the Predefined Screens and the Custom Screens. To see how to set up your To-Do list see our article How to Add a To-Do block to your DAKboard Screen. Once your block is enabled on your Screen, you can use the steps below to link your account.

For a Predefined Screen, you will see a section named for your selected source with a button saying Connect To <Selected Source> while on the Custom Screen in the Block Editor, you will see the button as below:

Clicking this button will take you to the OAuth page for your account. Select the account you want to authorize and follow the steps to add your permissions.

NOTE: If you do not see a list of accounts, or if DAKboard skips the account selection section, you may be logged into one of your accounts in this browser already. If you need to add a different account, try logging out of your account or logging into your DAKboard from an incognito browser as this will skip the auto-recognition step.

When you complete the permissions section you will see the screen below:

Click the Close Tab button to be navigated back to your Screen. Open your To-Do Tab or Block Editor again and proceed to the next section.

Google Tasks Settings:

When you have authenticated your account, open up your To-Do Tab or Block Editor, there you will see a section where you can select your Account and the To-Do list you want to view. See below:

When you have selected your List, set your options, and make sure to save your changes. You can then refresh your Display to see your new To-Do list.

Optional Settings:

With your Google Tasks block, you have several options you can add to personalize your To-Do list. These options are detailed below:

  • Sort: This option allows you to select a sorting method for your To-Do list. These options are explained below:
    • Automatic: This is the default method of the API. This information is sent to us in a first-in first-out manner. This means that the order is based on when you created the task.
    • Alphanumeric: This organizes your event Numerically and/or Alphabetically.
    • Due Date: This organizes your account by the date the task is due.
  • Scrolling: This option will make your To-Do list scroll from the bottom to the top at a Slow or Fast pace if you desire this effect.
  • Show Due Only: This will show all events that are either due or overdue. This requires you to set a Due Date for the event for this to work.
  • Show Due Dates: This will show the Due Date for any task that has one in the list.
  • Allow Completing: (Available with Google Tasks, ToDoist, and DAKboard To-Do Only) This option allows you to complete or re-open a to-do list item using either a Touchscreen device or a mouse connected to your Display.