All DAKboard invoices and receipts are viewable in your DAKboard Account on the Billing Page. You can access this from your DAKboard account by clicking on the User Icon in the upper right-hand corner, and selecting Billing from the dropdown menu. Here you will see all your invoices and receipts for your Subscriptions, and access the Pricing Page to make changes to your account. You can also change the Credit Card you are using to pay for your subscription by following the links in this section.

Once you start your subscription you will receive your first Invoice. It will be for $0. This is because we give you the first month for free. At the end of that first month, your account will be charged at the rate you selected, and the renewal date will be based on this date. If you have the monthly subscription it will be one month from that day, while the yearly subscription will renew one year from that date. If you change your subscription while it is running, the renewal date will be based on the day you were billed for the original subscription, and the price change will be prorated based on how much time remains in your subscription. For example, if you were originally billed on February 1st for an annual subscription, and you switched to a different plan on May 1st, your subscription will still renew on February 1st, and the amount you will be charged/credited will be prorated based on how much time remains in the previous subscription.

If you need to change the renewal date you will need to create a support ticket and reach out to our Support Desk personnel. They will be able to help you with this modification.

Having Trouble?

- Create a Support Ticket