Available at all paid subscription levels, DAKboard now has a To-Do list you can access and edit right from your Account and Display. You can use DAKboard To-Do to create Chore Lists, Shopping Lists, the dreaded Hunny-Do lists, and more. This To-Do list option can be fully accessed from your Display using your Touchscreen or connected Mouse. Add, complete, and reopen your tasks right from your Display. Here is how to use this new service.

Set Up a To-Do List:

When looking at your new account page you will notice the To-Do tab on the left side of the screen. This is in the Manage section as seen below:

Opening this section will allow you to create a To-Do list that you can access from your Screen. Click on the Add A To-Do List button to get started:

From here, name your To-Do list and Save it:

From here you can open your list and start adding Tasks. Simply add a title, add a Due Date (Optional), save the entry, and start using your new To-Do list:

When entering a Due Date, DAKboard currently supports the following Formats:

  • Spelled out Month Day Year: Example: January 12 2024
  • Month/Day/Year: Example: 02/24/2024, 2/24/2024, or 2/24/24
  • Day-Month-Year: Example: 15-12-2024 would be December 15th, 2024
  • Year-Month-Day: Example: 2024-12-15 would be December 15th, 2024 

Managing your To-Do Lists:

Each To-Do list can be managed under your To-Do tab. When you open this you will see the Lists by their names as seen below:

Click on one of your Lists to see what events you have under it:

From here you can check an event to complete it, add new Events as seen earlier, or even remove an event by clicking the Three dots to the right and selecting Remove Item.

You can also manage the Lists by clicking the three dots to the right of them. From here, you can Hide Completed events in that list, rename it, or even Delete the List. See below:

NOTE: At this time, DAKboard To-Do cannot create reoccurring events. We are looking into this and have a discussion open in our Github community for customers to chime in on for future improvement ideas. Feel free to visit this and let us know what you would like to see added.

Adding a DAKboard To-Do Block to your Custom Screen:

To start using your new DAKboard To-Do, go to the Custom Screen editor and click the Add A Block button. You can then search for DAKboard To-Do or click on the To-Do tab on the left side, then select the DAKboard To-Do option:

Position the block where you would like to see it and open the block editor to set it up. From here you can either create a new to-do list by typing the name for it in the List Name section or you can click the List Dropdown to select the one you have already created:

Save your changes and start using your new DAKboard To-Do list.

Using your To-Do from your Display:

With a Touchscreen or connected USB mouse, you can utilize your DAKboard To-Do right from your Display. Simply enable the Allow Adding option and you will see a + Add New Item button at the end of your To-Do list on your Display:

Click on this to open the tool to add your new Task.

Enter your Tasks Title and its Due date, then click the checkmark to Add the task, or click the X to cancel the add:

Your new Task will then be added to your Screen and your To-Do List:

Settings Page Options:

You have several options to choose from on your settings page. These options will need to be enabled as they are off by default. 

Below is a list of these options and what they do.

  • Sort: The sort option allows you to control the order of the tasks in your list. You can sort these Alphanumerically or by Due Date.
  • Scrolling: You can use this option to let your tasks scroll from the bottom of the block to the top repeatedly.
  • Show Due Only: This will show only the items that are due today or are overdue. This will only show events that have a due date associated with them.
  • Show Due Dates: This will show the dates a task is due right next to the event. If a Task is overdue it will show in red on your Display, if it is due Today it will say Today. This will show all events even if they don't have a Due Date.
  • Show Completed: This shows all the events that meet the criteria of the other selected options that have previously been completed.
  • Allow Completing:  This will allow you to complete or reopen any task on your list from your Display. This will require either a Touchscreen or a USB mouse to be connected to the device.
  • Allow Adding: (Only available with DAKboard To-Do. No other to-do list option supports this option) This will allow you to add new events to your To-Do list from your Display. This will require either a Touchscreen or a USB mouse to be connected to the device.

Having Trouble?

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