All DAKboard Screens, Loops, Schedules, and Display URLs are universally unique, to protect their content. Unless the URL is shared, users should feel confident that their screens are private and secure. However, occasionally you may want additional security. Because of this, we are introducing Screen Security. you may assign a password for authentication to all screens in your DAKboard Account.  

Enabling DAKboard Screen Authentication:

With the password enabled, even if the private URL is known, a password will still need to be entered when adding it to a Display. If a user is logged into their DAKboard account, only then will the password not be required to view the screen.

NOTE: Screen passwords may be used with DAKboard Display devices that have Mouse, Keyboard, or touch input only.

To enable the screen password, visit your Account Settings Page, scroll to the Screen Security section, and click the button labeled ENABLE PASSWORD PROTECTION:

We will generate a random strong password for you, or you can create a password of your own:

Your Password is now active and is required for all DAKboard Screens in your account. When you first connect it you your Display you will be required to enter it and solve a ReCaptcha box to view it:

Once done, you will be able to View the Screen on that Display.

Disabling, or Changing your Screen's Password:

You may edit or disable the password at any time from the Account Settings Page by clicking the corresponding buttons in the Screen Security section:


  • Your password will not need to be entered if you are currently logged into your account.
  • All screens will be password-protected, you cannot enable or disable specific screens for authentication.
  • Password Protection may NOT be used on DAKboard-OS devices that do not have a Mouse, Keyboard, or Touch Input.
  • This is the only method we currently have to restrict access to your Screens. If someone is using your display from a device you have not authorized or from an IP you do not recognize, we suggest enabling this feature or changing the password to remove their access.

Having Trouble?

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