DAKboard, LLC is highly motivated to partner with resellers to provide unique products to its clients.  This partnership with its vendors is very important to us and the service we offer to our clients.  This set of terms will identify the requirements to ensure that the partnership between the vendor and DAKboard, LLC is mutually beneficial:

  1. Vendor/Reseller must use only officially supported Raspberry Pi/Orange Pi models, any other hardware must include the following verbiage (or similar with approval from DAKboard, LLC).  For hardware such as the kindle fire TVs/Sticks, Android or Windows devices, the Vendor/Seller may indicate that they will provide support and or guarantee of functionality:

“This product uses software and/or hardware that is not fully supported by DAKboard, due to this the DAKboard support team will not assist in any operating system issues or questions regarding this product.”

Fully supported models are identified in the following support articles and will be maintained by the DAKboard support team. End of life date for supported Single Board Computer’s (SBC), such as Raspberry Pi models may be made at any time and at DAKboard, LLC’s discretion:

  1. In order for the DAKboard Support team to provide effective support, DAKboard-OS releases that have been modified by the Vendor/Seller are not permitted and cannot be supported.  We take your feedback seriously, and would like to work with you on updates you feel add value to the product.  You may make recommendations by submitting a discussion in the Github Page.

  1. Competitor software products must not be offered in product pages or mentioned with reseller hardware with DAKboard.  If the vendor/reseller is unclear if the software is a competitor, the vendor/reseller shall consult the DAKboard support team for clarification.  Competitor software may be offered for other products sold by the vendor.

  1. Vendor/Reseller must not offer the same product as DAKboard, LLC Shop (shop.dakboard.com) for fulfillment in the US market. This includes the Single Board Computer (SBC) without display as standalone product or SBC and same Display model in all-in-one product.  An example of this would be a Raspberry Pi 4B computer, installed in a Flirc case (the CPU v4 sold by dakboard.com).  The same Single Board Computer, and a different display, as done in most cases is permitted encouraged.

  1. Vendor/Reseller must publish methods for contacting the vendor/reseller for hardware and/or post purchase support, these methods should be considered reasonably easy to find. The DAKboard Support team is not to be indicated in your product pages as available for hardware support, only software support.  This will ensure that customers reach the correct party for support. The resellers warranty (or lack thereof) must be clearly stated on the product website.

Additional Notes:

  • Releases are user upgradable, and upgrades are encouraged.  A release’s usable life is determined by the functionality of the browser installed, this is generally expected to last several years at a minimum.  We strongly encourage providing documentation to access the SD card for user serviceability, for long term device support.

  • To become a Reseller, please contact the Support Team.