The Text and Scheduled Text Blocks for your DAKboard Custom Screens can be used in a variety of ways. You can use them to send messages to people who view your screens, set reminders that pop up on specific days, or even as a notepad to leave yourself messages. This article will cover the general use as well as advanced uses for the Text and Scheduled Text blocks.

Text Block:

The Text block can be used to place anything you want to say on your Screen. To add a Text block, click Screens on the left side of your account page, click on the Custom Screen you want to add the block, click the ADD A BLOCK button, and either search for Text or go to Tools and select Text as seen below:

From here, move and resize your block, double-click on the block to open the Edit page, enter your Text, and click save. See below:

Scheduled Text Block:

The Scheduled Text block can be used to place anything you want to say on your Screen but you also can turn this block on and off at set times of the day using the Scheduling tab. As before, to add a Scheduled Text block, click Screens on the left side of your account page, click on the Custom Screen you want to add the block, click the ADD A BLOCK button, and either search for Text or go to Tools and select Text as seen below:

Advanced Features:

Each block editor contains Tabs where the advanced features are located. We will break out these Tabs and explain them a bit more for you below:

Text Settings Tab:

In the Text block, you have the Text Settings tab seen below:

This is where you can enter the text you wish to Display. Here you can use the Show formatting help dropdown to learn how to use this block in advanced ways, including with HTML or Markup coding, Font options like Italics and Boldface, and more. The dropdown supplies you with some coding examples. See below:

The last feature is for Plus and Pro accounts. This is the Remote Update feature. With the Remote Updates, you can create a link that you can give to anyone you like, which will allow the user to update the Text block without needing to log into your account or access the settings page. This is ideal in the business environment for announcements, or the home environment when you want to let someone know you may be late coming home and can't reach them by phone or text.

To set this up you need to check the box and click save to activate the URL. You can see and copy the URL as soon as you check the box, but it does not become active until after you save the block. See below:

Once activated, you can copy and paste the URL into any browser, or scan the QR code. From there when you go to that link you will see a page allowing you to update the Text to anything you want. See below:

Once you make the change and click save, all screens linked to this block will show an instant update of the text.

Formatting Tab:

For either the Text or Scheduled Text block, you can then use the Formatting Tab in your block editor to add a lot of effects to the Text. See below:

A breakdown of what each line does is as follows:

  • Scrolling - Checking this will cause the text to scroll across your block
  • Blinking - Checking this will cause the text to blink
  • Text - Here you can select the Font, the size of the Font, and its color, and Align it to the Left, Center, or Right side of the block.
  • Background - This will allow you to set the Color of the background of the block, adjust its Gradient, or even Blur it.
  • Linked Block - This allows you to link your block so that it can be displayed on Multiple screens. To learn more about how this works, check out our blog, Linked Blocks now available!

Schedule Tab/Scheduled Text Block:

Though you can still see the Schedule tab in the normal Text Block, going to it will just inform you to use the Schedule Text Block if you need to set up a Content Schedule. This was done to inform the users that we developed the Schedule Text block as an answer to several requests on how to better utilize Scheduling. This section will cover all the things you can do with the Schedule Text Block.

Settings Tab:

In the Scheduled text block you have the Settings Tab. Under this Tab, you can set up as many Scheduled Text events as you would like. Each text block will have its Schedule. See the example below:

To add more, click the ADD ANOTHER ENTRY button. To remove an event, click the Minus sign next to it. Once you add the text, you can click the section below it to see all your Scheduling options. See below:

Once opened you will be prevented with the following Scheduling options:

  • Occurances - This section allows you to choose between Weekly, Monthly, or Between a set of dates.
  • Day - This allows you to pick the day of the week you wish to see the text. Simply click the day you want the text to appear on
  • Time - This section allows you to set the time of day the block will turn On and then Off again. Leave the Default setting of 12:00 AM to 12:00 AM to have the text appear all day long.
  • Alert Tone - This will allow you to select a tone to play when the event is reached. If your DAKboardhas speakers attached to it, you can select from a variety of tones as seen below

Once you are done adding all your Scheduled events, click Save and enjoy.

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