The Staff Accounts have a plethora of Permissions to allow you to control how much or how little your user can do with the account. Below is a full detailed list of all the permissions and what they can do.

Preset Permissions:

When setting up a staff you can choose from Preset permissions. They are Limited, Full, and Admin. They are defined below:

  • Limited: This is a view-only mode. It allows the user to view all the Screens, Loops, Schedules, Devices, and Media you have associated with your account
  • Full: This allows the user to Create, Update, and View all Screens, Loops, Schedules, Devices, and Media on the account. It also allows them to View Billing information, Themes, Notifications, API keys, and the Support links for the account as well
  • Admin: At this permission level, you have everything granted to the Full permission level, but the user can now also Delete the Screens, Loops, Schedules, Devices, and Media on the account. The Admin user can also Update Billing information and Themes, as well as create and delete API keys for the account.

Advanced Permissions:

You can modify the user's permissions further from the Staff Accounts page. Just click on the user you want to modify and scroll down to the Permission Section seen below:

From here you can click on any of the tabs to then add or remove permissions as needed by clicking the Checkbox next to the desired permission. The Tabs and their permissions are defined below:

  • Screens: This tab is used for accessing the Screens that are used on your Displays. The permissions are below:
    • Create: Create new screens, and create a screen from a Template
    • Update: Update existing screens
    • Delete: Delete screens
    • View: View all screens
  • Loops: This tab is used for accessing the Loops. Loops allow you to view the Screens in a continuous rotation on your displays. The permissions are below:
    • Create: Create a new Loop
    • Update: Update existing Loops
    • Delete: Delete Loops
    • View: View all Loops
  • Schedules: This tab is used to set Screen Schedules. Similar to the Loop, you can use this to display specific Screens at Specific times of the day. The permissions are below:
    • Create: Create new Schedules
    • Update: Update existing Schedules
    • Delete: Delete Schedules
    • View: View all Schedules
  • Displays & Devices: This is used to manage your Displays & Devices tab used to view your screens. The permissions are below:
    • Create: Add a Display or Device
    • Update: Update an existing Display or Device
    • Delete: Deleted a Display or Device
    • View: View all Displays and Devices
  • Media: This tab is for managing the images stored in your Media Library. The permissions are below:
    • Create: Upload new Media
    • Delete: Delete uploaded Media
    • View: View all Media uploaded by other Staff Members
  • Settings: The Settings tab is a bit more advanced than the rest. These permissions are used to access the various sections of the account and should only be granted to the users you trust with each section below. These would be only available for the Admin level users normally, but you can add them to any account you see fit. 
    • Staff Users: This section allows you to control all the Staff Accounts. This is never available with the starting level permissions including the Admin permission level. The permissions are below:
      • View: View all Staff Accounts
      • Create: Create new Staff Accounts
      • Update: Update existing Staff accounts, including their permissions
        • WARNING: Staff users with this permission are able to change all permissions on their own account.
      • Delete: Delete Staff Accounts
    • Billing: This section allows the user to manage the Billing. The permissions are below
      • View: Allows the user to View payment methods and invoices
      • Update: Allows the user to update the payment methods
    • Themes: This section is for the Themes & Branding tab of your account. The permissions are below:
      • View: View the Themes & Branding Tab
      • Update: Update the Themes & Branding options
    • Notifications: This section allows the user to access the Notifications Tab. The permission is below: 
      • View: View Account Notifications
    • API Keys: This section is to manage the API keys for your DAKboard account The permissions are below:
      • View: View the API key
      • Create: Create an API key
      • Delete: Delete an API key

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