What Are Staff Accounts?

Staff accounts on DAKboard are  “sub” accounts for additional users, nested under a single main account. Staff accounts are available on the DAKboard Pro plan and you can add and manage them in the “Staff Accounts” section of your DAKboard account:

Why Use Staff Accounts?

The main use for Staff Accounts is to let others access some or all of your DAKboard content. This could be another member of your organization, a friend, or a family member. To do this, DAKboard allows setting specific permissions for each staff user to access a subset of content within your DAKboard account. A few examples:

  • Grant billing access to the accounting department
  • Allow a designer to update the themes and branding
  • Give specific users access to update specific screens
  • Delegate another admin user to manage all of your DAKboard content

For each Staff Account, permissions can be set individually for Screens, Loops, Displays & Devices, Billing, and Themes:

To learn more about permissions check out the article Staff Account Permission.

Additional Uses for Staff Accounts:

Staff Accounts can be used for many things outside of the typical business setting. Consider the following examples.

Family and Extended Family Access:

Many DAKboard customers are using Staff Accounts to manage screens and devices for other family members. For example, a DAKboard Pro account is set up, and then Staff Accounts are added for extended family members who may not want, or know how to manage their screens. They could log in if needed but don’t necessarily have to.

Temporary Access:

A Staff Account can be used to give another user temporary access to parts of DAKboard. Set a date in the “Account Expires” field, and the Staff Account will be disabled on that specified date.

Reselling and White Labeling:

Staff Accounts can be used to resell or “white label” a DAKboard account. A reseller can create Staff Accounts for each customer, allow them to access one or more screens, devices, etc, and then charge them an agreed-upon fee for maintenance/upkeep of the DAKboard account. Use Staff Accounts in combination with the Theming and Branding settings to add your colors and logo to the DAKboard interface.

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