A series of videos can be played on a DAKboard screen using the YouTube Playlist feature.  In this article, we outline the steps to make this possible.  These steps are intended to be completed in a desktop browser and used with a DAKboard Custom Screen.

NOTE:  DAKboard cannot play videos marked as Private. If you are uploading a Video to play you will need to set this to Public. If you are adding another user shared Video, ask them to set the Video to Public.

Create your YouTube Playlist:

On, browse to the first video you would like in your loop/playlist and click the save button at the bottom right of the video.

From the Pop-up window choose Create new playlist:

Add a Name to Identify your Playlist, then set your privacy settings. Your list will need to be created Public to be able to work with DAKboard. Private and Unlisted will not work.  See below:

NOTE: You will be prompted to create a channel if you do not already have one in your account.

Browse all of the additional videos you would like in the playlist and save them in the same manner and select your playlist:

Visit your playlist by opening the menu on the top left of the screen shown below:

Click "Play All", or "Shuffle", which will open your playlist. 

Wait for the first video in your playlist to start playing as the URL may change a little, then copy the URL that shows Immediately after the first video starts from the URL bar as seen below:  

This URL is the one you need to enter in your YouTube Block in DAKBoard.

Add your Playlist to DAKboard:

With your URL copied, create a new YouTube Block in our DAKboard custom screen. Click ADD A BLOCK in the top right of the editor, search, and select or search for the YouTube Block.

Double-click your new YouTube Block to enter the Block editor.  Paste the URL copied into the URL field and click save.  Resize the block to your desired size and enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does DAKboard play sound with the Video? - Yes, your DAKboard does play sound with your video. The Sound is shared with your Connected TV/Monitor through the HDMI connection. Your TV/Monitor can then control the sound with its internal or externally connected speakers and their volume control.

Why can't age-restricted videos play on DAKboard? - This is controlled by YouTube and not by DAKboard. YouTube only allows age-restricted videos to be played from their site via an authenticated account.

Why does my DAKboard say "Video is Unavailable"? - This is a message from YouTube letting you know that the video has either been removed, the URL to the video is incorrect, or the URL has been changed on the video. Take your URL and play it in a browser by itself. Wait until the video starts playing and then copy the new URL out of the navigation bar. From there go back to your Screen and paste the new URL into your YouTube player.

Why is the Video not showing on the Screen Editor? - The Screen Editor doesn't have the player installed on it. This means that you will not be able to see it play when Editing your Screen. You can preview what it will look like on your display from the Screens Page. Click the three dots in the lower right corner of the Screen Thumbnail, and select View. This will open the Screen in your browser the same as it will appear on your Display.

Why does the block fail when I use the Share Playlist link? - This is because the Share link is not the actual Video link or the Playlist link. It is a link you can give to other users so that they can see your Playlist without accessing your account. This is not the link you need to use. Instead, you need to copy the URL once first video on the playlist has started as this is the actual playlist.

Having Trouble?

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