A series of videos can be played on a DAKboard screen using the YouTube Playlist feature.  In this article, we outline the steps to make this possible.  These steps are intended to be completed in a desktop browser and used with a DAKboard Custom Screen.

Create your YouTube Playlist

On youtube.com, browse to the first video you would like in your loop/playlist and click the save button at the bottom right of the video.

Create a Playlist:

Your list will need to be created as Unlisted, or Public.  You will be prompted to create a channel if you do not already have one in your account:

Browse all of the additional videos you would like in the playlist and save them in the same manner and select your playlist:

Visit your playlist by opening the menu on the top left of the screen like shown:

Click 'Play All', which will open your playlist, then immediately copy the URL from the address bar on the first video.  This URL is your URL for adding to the Youtube Block in DAKBoard:

Add your Playlist to DAKboard

With your URL copied, create a new YouTube Block in our DAKboard custom screen.

Click ADD A BLOCK in the top right of the editor, search and select YouTube.

Double-click your new YouTube Block to enter the Block editor.  Paste the URL copied into the URL field and click save.  Resize the block to your desired size and enjoy!

Having Trouble?

- Create a Support Ticket