Whether you're a Managed Service Provider looking to provide a consistent look and feel to your services, or you are just looking to brand your access unique to your staff we have you covered with DAKboard Pro.  DAKboard Pro offers several options to white label the interface so you can offer your customers or staff a customized experience.  Setup is just a few easy steps.

Start by accessing the Themes and Branding page on dakboard.com by clicking the User Account & Settings menu in the upper right, then selecting "Themes & Branding":

Themes are offered in Light or Dark, and a primary color can be selected from the full spectrum:

Light Theme

Set a Company Logo by adding the URL of a small landscape image to replace the DAKboard logo prominently in the top left of the interface.  We recommend a .png file with transparency and at least 500 pixels wide.

Set a Company Name and Website, and even a logout redirect URL to forward your users to a website of your choice:

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