Each DAKboard plan has a certain number of allowed "Devices per Screen". This is the number of devices (tablets, web browsers, DAKboard Wall Displays, etc.) that can be showing a DAKboard screen at the same time. When the limit for the plan is reached, a notification may be sent, and/or the screen may be disabled. If a screen is disabled this way it will show: "Error 429: Too many requests":

The limits for each plan can be found on our Pricing Page by clicking the Compare Plans button.

View the Current Screen Usage:

The current screen usage metrics can be found in your Custom Screen Editor under the Metrics button as seen below:

Here the average number of connected devices can be seen for the past 24 hours and 7 days, along with the number of allowed connected devices for your plan. (ie. 1 out of 25 in this example).

Reduce Screen Usage:

If the usage is high and there is only one (or a few) devices showing a DAKboard screen, there are several things to check to reduce screen usage:

Disable Any Auto-Refresh Settings:

DAKboard automatically handles refreshing content, so any automatic refresh options set in the browser or software used to display the DAKboard screen should be disabled or set to the longest interval possible. 

Do Not Publicly Share Screen URLs:

If a DAKboard screen or display URL has been shared, each person clicking on the URL will count as a "connected device" and increase screen usage. We do not recommend sharing these URLs publicly. 

Delete and Recreate the Screen:

If a URL has been shared, the screen will need to be deleted and re-created to obtain a new screen URL and reset the connected device count. Use the Export/Import functionality to quickly recreate the screen. First, Export the screen and download the Export file. This can be done by clicking the three dots in the lower right-hand corner of your Custom Screen thumbnail, and selecting Export:

Then use the same three dots and select Delete Screen. To Import the file go back to your Screens page, click the three dots at the top of the page, and select Import From File:

Select the file you created during the Export step and your Custom Screen will be back.

Too Many Devices Showing a DAKboard Screen:

If too many devices are showing the same DAKboard screen, you may simply need to upgrade your plan or remove some of the devices. Compare the plans on our Pricing Page to find a plan that fits your organization's needs, or contact our Support Team.

Reenable Your Screen:

Once a screen has been disabled, you will need to reach out to us so that we can review it and reenable it for you. Just create a support ticket from here:

New Support Ticket

We will be glad to assist you in getting things corrected and reenabled for you.