NOTE: This APP is for use on Android Phones ONLY. Using this APP on any other Android product may result in unexpected behavior from our services. This APP is NOT recommended for use on Fire TV or Firestick. The only supported method we currently have for these devices is from our article Use DAKboard on a Fire TV or Firestick. Please use this method for Fire TV and Firestick.

A New and Improved version of the DAKboard APP is now available. All locally authenticated DAKboard accounts can easily use an Android device to display DAKboard by using the DAKboard APP.  At this time the APP does not support Google Authenticated accounts, however, we have added the ability to add a Password to your Google Authenticated accounts allowing you to use this APP by logging in locally to your account. To learn how to set this check out the Google Login section of the Unable to Login (Invalid username/password) article.

Add The APP

Open the Google Play Store.

Search for DAKboard and Install the DAKboard APP.

Open the Android APP and Log into your account with your Local DAKboard account to complete the setup.

Changing the Default Display Screen

When you first login to your APP it will take you to your DAKboard account page. This will allow you to set the Screen that the APP uses. For all accounts, this is your Predefined Screen by Default. To see what this Screen looks like, you can either rotate your display to load the Default screen automatically, or you can click the User Icon and then Account:

Then select the Defaults tab to see all your Default settings and the Default Screen:

You can easily change the Default Screen by visiting the Account page on any device and selecting the screen from the Defaults tab.  Loops and Schedules are also made available as default options:

Or you can do this from the APP by tapping the Default Screen dropdown and selecting the screen you want. Then click Save Changes to complete the update:

The next time you activate the APP it will automatically load the selected Default Screen, Loop, or Schedule you have chosen. To exit the Screen and return to the DAKboard Account page from the APP, tap the Gear Icon in the upper right-hand corner of your Screen as seen below:


The Android Phone App is specifically designed to work in Portrait mode and with Android OS devices. It is designed to be a quick way to view your Default Screen and is not intended to replace your PC for making edits to your Screen or Account.

The App will not Authenticate with External Apps:

Due to the design of the App, you cannot authenticate with external Apps like Google Calendar, Google Photos, Dropbox, and Microsoft Calendars to name a few. This is because the App is a WebView which does not support these authentication services. If you try and do this you may see a message like the following:

This is because the WebView cannot call the oAuth services needed to access these accounts. It is also the reason why you cannot log into the DAKboard App with a Google Authenticated account.

When setting up Externally Authenticated accounts, you will need to log into your DAKboard account from Web Browser on your internet-connected device. From there you can externally authorize any service we support. Once they are authorized in this manner you can add them to your Screen from the DAKboard App.

DAKboard App on Amazon Fire TV, Firestick, and Fire Tablet:

The Android Phone App does not work on the Amazon Fire products. However, Amazon has now released a version of this App for their newest Fire TV products. Check out our article Use DAKboard on a Fire TV or Firestick for more details. Please note that this app also has the same limitations mentioned above that the Android Phone app has, plus the browser limitations mentioned in the Fire TV article.

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