This article will describe how to add a SmartThings block to your custom screen.

Add SmartThings Account Integration To Your DAKboard Account

First, you will need to get a SmartThings personal access token at the link below. Note: make sure you select all the correct permissions for your setup.

Next, integrate your SmartThings account. Go to the link here DAKboard Authorizations and click the "Add" button, search "SmartThings" and click on the "SmartThings" button.

Make your selections. add the SmartThings account using your generated token from the first step. As an option, give it a name and click "Save Changes".

Now integrating your SmartThings account into your DAKboard account is complete. Follow the below steps to create a block in your custom screen.

Add SmartThings To Your Custom Screen

Add a SmartThings block to your custom screen by selecting "Add a Block" while editing your screen and under the Smart Home section, select SmartThings:

Link a new account or select your SmartThings account from the drop-down. Select the device(s) and additional metrics that you wish to add from the Devices section. Choose any of the additional options as seen below.

Select the Rules tab and configure a new rule(s) as an option:

Select the Formatting and Schedule tabs to choose additional optional configurations. Once you complete making your selections, click "Save Changes" and preview your screen.

Having Trouble?

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