DAKboard has extensive compatibility with many devices due to its web-based design.  With the capabilities of web browsers constantly changing, we will update our services to work with the major browsers to ensure compatibility and security regularly.  DAKboard.com will update with new features as we continually develop new functionality for our clients.  DAKboard will always make the best effort to support the widest selection of devices.

As general guidance, please expect limited functionality on devices with operating systems and browsers that are 3 years old or greater. While DAKboard should work well in all browsers, for best results we recommend users use Google Chrome which DAKboard tests all features in currently.

If you are experiencing issues with your browser displaying your screen, look for available updates in the browser first to restore functionality. Also, be aware that DAKboard cannot extend beyond the limitations of the Browser or Service you use to Display your Screens.

For example, the Amazon Fire TV and Firestick limit their browsers, both built-in and downloaded, to a maximum resolution of 960x540. Our article Use DAKboard on a Fire TV or Firestick explains this fully and shows you how to get the best performance out of such a device.

To find out what the maximum size of the browser is on your device, you can go to http://howbigismybrowser.com/ in the browser on your device and it will display the maximum browser size. See the example below from my computer:

From here you can use the steps in the Firestick article, linked above, to make the adjustments to your screen resolution so that it better matches the limitations of the browser you are using.

See our article on How to get your Screen to fit your Browser you you need further assistance making the Screen fit properly. Details in this article will work with both DAKboard and non-DAKboard OS devices.

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