All DAKboard screens have associated private URLs, the purpose of this article is to help explain what they are and how to use them.  A private URL is a unique randomly generated web address created for private use.

How to use DAKboard Private URLs:

Each Custom Screen you create, and each registered device has a private URL.  DAKboard makes moving screens from one device to another easy in the Devices & Displays menu, but if needed a Custom Screen can be viewed by any web browser you wish to connect to use as a DAKboard.

To find your Custom Screen's private URL, navigate to the Screens page, then click on the Custom Screen you want the URL from. See below:

Click the Share and export screen configuration ICON.  Your Private URL will be displayed. You can copy it by clicking the copy button to the right.

From here you can add this URL to any Browser on this device, or you can manually enter it on another device.

Other Ways to Access the Private URL:

You can also access the Private URL by opening the View option on your Screens Page. This is also helpful if you do not want to copy the URL but instead just open it on another device. Start by logging into your DAKboard account from the device in question. Navigate to the Screens page as yu did above. From here, click on the three dots in the lower right-hand corner of the Custom Screen you wish to view and click View. See below:

This will change your current browser tab to the Private URL, you can either copy it out of the URL bar or bookmark it to be able to navigate back to your Custom Screen whenever you open this browser.

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