If you're looking to remove all information (AKA factory reset) from a DAKboard Wall Display or a DAKboard CPU, follow the instructions below.

Remove info from the Display/CPU 

In your DAKboard account, go to "Displays & Devices", then click the settings link next to the device you want to reset:

On the next screen that appears, clear out the wifi network name by clicking the Name/SSID dropdown, and selecting "Join Other Network...". Leave the network name black after clicking this. Then clear out the password.

Remove any sleep schedules or reset them back to "Always On". 

Set the DAKboard Private URL to:   http://localhost/welcome.php

When complete, click the Save Changes button.

Remove the Display/CPU From Your Account

Lastly, in your DAKboard account, under "Displays & Devices", click the "Remove this Display" option next to the desired display:

With the display removed, restart your DAKboard device and when it comes back up, it will be showing the original setup screen.