If you're looking to remove all information (AKA factory reset) on a DAKboard Wall Display, DAKboard CPU, or DAK OS device follow the instructions below.


If your device is offline, it is not registered to your account, or you deleted your device before you performed the Factory Reset, you will need to use the Manual Steps at the end of this article to access the settings page. Use the Table Of Contents entry called Access the DAKboard Settings Page With Manual Steps: above, or scroll to the bottom of this article to get started

Remove info from the DAKboard OS Device: 

Accessing Settings Page from your Account:

In your DAKboard account, click on Displays & Devices, then click the three dots next to the desired display and select Settings:

Scroll down and select View Device Settings:

NOTE: To access the display settings, you'll need to be on the same WiFi network as your Wall Display or CPU.

Factory Reset 3.0 or newer:

On the next screen that appears, If you have a DAKboard OS 3.0 or newer device simply click the Reset to Factory Settings button shown below.  

Factory Reset Older OS:

If your device is using an older OS, clear out the wifi network name by clicking the Name/SSID dropdown, and selecting Join Other Network. Leave the network name blank after clicking this. Then clear out the password field.

Remove any On/Off (Sleep) Schedules or reset them back to Always On

Set the DAKboard Private URL to: http://localhost/welcome.php. When complete, click the Save Changes or Save and Reboot button, then reboot your device.

Remove the DAKboard OS device From Your Account:

Lastly, in your DAKboard account, under Displays & Devices, click the three dots next to the desired display, and click Remove Device

With the display removed, restart your DAKboard device and when it comes back up, it will show the original setup screen. 

Access the DAKboard Settings Page With Manual Steps:

Sometimes you need to perform a Factory Reset on your DAKBoard OS device when it fails to register to your account or it has already been removed from your account. To do this you can use a USB Mouse and Keyboard to connect to your DAKboard. The steps to complete this are listed below for you in order.

  1. Connect the USB mouse/keyboard
  2. Reboot the CPU by unplugging the power cable
  3. Once fully booted up, press ALT+F4
  4. Click on the Raspberry icon in the top left of the screen (For the Orange Pi click the icon next to the DAKboard Logo)
  5. Select Help, then click on Device Configuration (For the Orange Pi Click Device Configuration)
  6. Complete the steps under Factory Reset 3.0 or newer: or Factory Reset Older OS: sections above.
  7. Click Save at the bottom of the page
  8. Once the settings are saved, reboot by unplugging the power cable

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