DAKboard works great on the built in web browser on many Smart TVs! Follow the instructions below to use your Smart TV as a DAKboard display. 

If your TV doesn't have a web browser built in, take a look at our DAKboard CPU, which will turn any TV into a Smart TV!

Link the TV with your DAKboard Account

In your DAKboard account, go to "Displays & Devices", and click the "Add" button:

Give it a name and click "Save changes". 

Next, click the more actions button to the right of the device and select "Link with Device or TV":

Now, on your Smart TV, open the web browser and go to https://dakboard.com/link. This will generate a code on the TV. Enter this code in the popup back in your DAKboard account. Once the Smart TV is linked, it will begin showing your default screen in DAKboard. 

Assign a Different Screen or Loop to the Smart TV

You can change the screen that's showing on the Smart TV from within your DAKboard account. Click the "More actions" dropdown and select "Assign a Screen". In the popup that appears, select the screen or loop from your DAKboard account that you'd like to show on your TV:

Save your changes and the Smart TV should update momentarily with the newly assigned screen or loop. 

Rotate The Screen to Portrait/Vertical

Follow the steps we have created here Screen Rotation for Smart TVs.

Having Trouble?

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