There's many ways to add a whole album of photos to DAKboard, but if you're looking to add a single photo or a logo to your screen, here's some simple ways to do so. 

Use one of the Supported Photo Sources

DAKboard works with many online photo sharing sites. Using one of these, create a new folder or album, then add your single photo or logo to that album. Next, link your DAKboard account with the photo sharing site, and in the DAKboard settings, select the album where the photo has been uploaded to.

We recommend using Dropbox, Google Drive, Google photos or Microsoft Onedrive for this purpose. 

Tip: Set the photo change time to 1 hour or slower if your photo will not be changing frequently. This will help save on bandwidth. 

Upload the photo to 

Imgur is a free photo hosting service that works well with DAKboard. Head over to and then click the "New post" button in the upper left:

Next, choose the photo to upload from your computer or drag/drop the photo into your browser. After selecting the photo to upload, you'll be redirected to a page showing your photo. Hover over the photo and click the "Copy link" button: 

Now, back in your DAKboard account, select a custom screen to edit, click the "Add a block" button and choose the URL block under the Photos section: 

Resize or move the new block to the desired size and location. Then edit the block and paste in the copied URL:

Lastly, add  .jpg   to the end of the pasted URL. This is required!

Save your changes and preview the screen to see your photo or logo up on the screen.