For your Predefined or Custom Screens, we automatically collect content for the Blocks on your Screens from your Linked accounts. This happens at regular rates and can be affected by the Subscription Plan you are on. Below is a list of the times at which we gather this data from your linked accounts.


The calendar will update depending on your plan. Below is the rates at which we collect your data:

30 minutes
15 minutes
10 minutes

For example, if you make a change on your Linked Calendar on a Free account, it will be one hour before we collect that data and display it on your Screens.

Other Block Types:

The remaining blocks will refresh the same, regardless of your selected plan:

Todo - 20 minutes

Stocks - 10 minutes

News/RSS - hourly

Nest/Ecobee Thermostat - 2 minutes

Smartthings/Home Assistant - 2 minutes

Traffic - 15 minutes

Airport Delays - 20 minutes

Spotify - 15 seconds

Weather - 20 minutes

Slack Messaging - 3 minutes

These rates will automatically occur and update your Screens and Displays accordingly. We also complete a full refresh once every 6 hours from the moment your Display is turned on. This will refresh all content at that time and confirm if your Display is still connected to your account.

Having Trouble?

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