For your Predefined or Custom Screens, we automatically collect content for the Blocks on your Screens from your Linked accounts. This happens at regular rates and can be affected by the Subscription Plan you are on. Below is a list of the times we gather this data from your linked accounts.


The calendar will update depending on your plan. Below are the rates at which we collect your data:

30 minutes
15 minutes
10 minutes

For example, if you make a change on your Linked Calendar on a Free account, it will be one hour before we collect that data and display it on your Screens.

Other Block Types:

The remaining blocks will refresh the same, regardless of your selected plan:

Todo - 20 minutes

Stocks - 10 minutes

News/RSS - hourly

Nest/Ecobee Thermostat - 2 minutes

Smartthings/Home Assistant - 2 minutes

Traffic - 15 minutes

Airport Delays - 20 minutes

Spotify - 15 seconds

Weather - 20 minutes

Slack Messaging - 3 minutes

These rates will automatically occur and update your Screens and Displays accordingly. 

Screen Refresh Rates:

When making changes to your Screen, DAKboard will automatically apply these changes once every 6 hours. We fully refresh all your content, the screens you have created, and the connected Displays at this time. This is to make sure your Display is still connected to your account and that all your content is up-to-date. 

This is the only time we automatically update your Screen Changes with your Display. This is true on all subscription levels. For the Free Plan, this is the only method to push Screen Changes to your Display without rebooting the device. With Paid Subscription plans you also have the option to Manually run this refresh from your Predefined or Custom Screen editor pages. 

Press the Refresh Displays button to push your changes to all your Displays with this screen assigned to them. For the Predefined Screen, the button says Refresh Displays and is located in the upper right corner next to the View Screen button. On Custom Screen it is the button to the right of the Add A Block button. With the Essential Plan, the Refresh Display button will push the updates to your Display within 1 to 2 minutes, while the Plus and Pro Plans will update nearly instantly. 

NOTE: Each time you use the Refresh Displays button it will increase your Screen Usage. If you overuse this it may cause your Screen to be disabled. See our article High Screen Usage or Disabled Screen (error 429) for more details on this.

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