Browser resolutions vary on the iPad depending on the make and model of your device. These resolutions are set on the iPad and cannot be adjusted. Below is a chart of the common resolutions for the various sizes of iPads, but this may vary depending on the make and model of your device:

iPad MiniiPad Air & Small ProLarge iPad Pro
Display Size7.9in9.7in12.9in
Screen Res1024x7681024x7681366x1024
Browser Res Portrait768x959768x9591024x1301
Browser Res Landscape1024x7031024x7031366x959

On custom screens you can match this resolution by clicking the Gear Icon in the upper right-hand corner, setting the Aspect Ratio to Custom, and setting the resolution to match the browser resolution above. For the predefined screen, use the Mobile/Tablet layout to get the most accurate screen representation.

Follow the instructions below to use your iPad or iPhone as a DAKboard display.

Link the iPad with your DAKboard Account

In your DAKboard account, go to Displays & Devices, click the Add button, and give the device a name.  Click the '...' and select Link with Device or TV.

Follow the instructions that appear to finish linking the iPad with your DAKboard account.

Add an Icon to your Home Screen

After your iPad is linked and displaying your DAKboard screen, you can add the Safari page to your home screen to quickly access your DAKboard screen in the future. When launching DAKboard from the home screen icon, it will hide the address bar in the browser.

Click the Share button, then select Add to Home Screen (you may need to scroll to find this):

Optionally change the name, and then click Add. Reopen your DAKboard screen using the new home screen icon to enjoy a full-screen DAKboard!

Update the Settings to Keep the Screen On

Lastly, update the settings on the iPad to keep the screen on all the time. In the iPad settings, go to "Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock then set the expiration time to Never

Tips, Tricks, and Notes

  1. DAKboard is continually developing its services with new features and updated security.  Occasionally this may result in a loss of functionality on an iPad displaying DAKboard if the browser is not updated regularly.  If this occurs try to update the device if possible to the latest browser available.
  2. For users unable to link their browsers to DAKboard as described above you can always enter your Custom Screen's URL manually into your TV browser, or log into your account from your iPad browser and choose View on the screen you wish to run on the TV. Once this is entered, bookmark the URL for quicker access the next time you use it this way.

Having Trouble?

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