DAKboard works great on your iPads! Follow the instructions below to use your iPad or iPhone as a DAKboard display.

Link the iPad with your DAKboard Account

In your DAKboard account, go to "Displays & Devices", click the "Add" button, and select "Add your own display":

Give it a name and click "Save changes". 

Next, click the more actions button to the right of the device and select "Link with Device or TV":

Follow the instructions that appear to finish linking the iPad with your DAKboard account.

Add an Icon to your Home Screen

After your iPad is linked and displaying your DAKboard screen, you can add the Safari page to your home screen to quickly access your DAKboard screen in the future. When launching DAKboard from the home screen icon, it will hide the address bar in the browser.

Click the Share button, then select "Add to Home Screen" (you may need to scroll to find this):

Optionally change the name, and then click "Add". Reopen your DAKboard screen using the new home screen icon to enjoy a full-screen DAKboard!

Update the Settings to Keep the Screen On

Lastly, update the settings on the iPad to keep the screen on all the time. In the iPad settings, go to "Display & Brightness", then change the "Auto-Lock" time to "Never". 

Having Trouble?

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