Google Chrome Browser

Depending on your current version of Google Chrome web browser, Google has disabled the autoplay of videos. This will cause the video in DAKboard to show a play button instead of actually playing the video. To work around this, follow the steps below to enable autoplay in the Chrome browser.

To complete this you need to amend the end of your Shortcut to the Chrome executable file with the following:


To do this right click on your Chrome Browser shortcut and select Properties. In the Target line, add the command above to the end of the line as follows:

Then press the Apply button to confirm the change. This will allow all videos to autoplay when opening the Chrome browser.

Other Browser/Device

Many devices that support video in DAKboard such as the Amazon Silk Browser and other TV/Tablet browsers will not autoplay video on DAKboard screens.  Since this is an application-level setting, DAKboard cannot change this functionality. 

We suggest reviewing the browser capabilities and consulting the manufacturer to autoplay videos or select an alternative display device such as the DAKboard CPU to connect to the display alternatively.

Having Trouble?

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