You can set a sleep schedule for your DAKboard Wall Display (and a DAKboard CPU) to turn on and off at designated times.  Sleep schedules work with most modern TVs and Monitors through HDMI and CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) technology.

In your DAKboard account, click on "Displays", then click the More actions button next to the desired display and select "Settings":

Then select "View Device Settings" for your DAKboard OS device (Not available on customer devices):

Note: to access the display settings, you'll need to be on the same wifi network as your display/CPU.

Next, scroll down to the Screen section and find the "Sleep Schedule" on/off times:


Select the desired times you want your display to turn On and Off, then click the "Save changes" button at the bottom. Your display will now turn off and back on at the set times. 

Having Trouble?

- Disable any power saving modes that may be present on your Display/TV if it does not turn back on per schedule.  These can sometimes completely power down the display preventing DAKboard OS from powering it back on.

- Not sure if your display supports CEC needed for Sleep Schedules?  You can look up specifications here for most displays.

- If you're still having trouble,  Create a Support Ticket and we can help