Many of the various content blocks on the custom screen can be scheduled to appear and disappear on certain days and certain times of day using the "Schedule" tab in the block settings:

Setting a Schedule:

By default, the schedule is set to display as follows:

To set a Schedule for a Block you will need to adjust these settings. For Occurrences, you have the following items available from the dropdown menu:

  • Weekly: - This schedules for Weekly occurrences of the rest of your settings.
  • Monthly: - This allows you to set a specific day of the Month to have your Block appear.
  • Between Dates: - This allows you to set a range of dates you want the block to appear on.

Under the Day dropdown, you can select the following options:

  • Every Day: - This will show on all days for the Weekly or Between Dates Occurrences.
  • Weekdays Only: - This will exclude the Weekends for the Weekly or Between Dates Occurrences. 
  • Weekends Only: - This will exclude the Weekdays for the Weekly or Between Dates Occurrences.
  • Custom: -  This will allow you to select the specific days of the week for the Weekly or Between Dates Occurrences. 

Finally, the Time Section allows you to specify the times of the Day you want to view your Block content. You can set a start and stop time to turn it on and off.

Multiple Schedules:

Multiple schedules can be set on a single block to specify precise days and times for when to show the block. Using the following example, the block would be visible Monday, Wednesday, Friday, all day, and also on the weekends from 8 am to 10 am:

You can also use the Clock Icon Dropdown (As seen above) to quickly set your block to Sunrise or Sunset. You will need to make sure you have set your location in your Account Settings under the Defaults Tab as seen below:

NOTE: The order of the schedules does not matter, and if any one of the schedules would make the block active, the block will be active. Make sure you don't overlap times as this will default to active.

Remove and Reset a Schedule:

To remove an additional Schedule from a block, click the Minus sign next to the Recycle Logo as Seen below:

To reset any Schedule to its default setting, click the recycle Icon As seen below:

To reset the entire Schedule, remove any additional Schedules first, then reset the last Schedule to its default settings.

Having Trouble?

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