DAKboard OS versions 3.55 and below require that ping must be able to be sent to (Google's DNS server) to be able to confirm an internet connection. On these versions, if you manage your network, you can use the MAC address of the device to set an IP and allow that IP to be assigned via DHCP to your device and let you pass ping for it if you cannot enable ping for all devices.

For Version 4.01 and above on the supported Raspberry Pi devices, this is no longer a requirement so you do not need this unless you still want to assign a specific IP via DHCP. These are advanced steps and assume you have experience with setting these controls in your network and on your router.

Finding the MAC address:

To find the MAC address of your Wall Display or CPU, you will need the following:

  • SSH access to your DAKBoard OS device, OR
  • USB Mouse and Keyboard and physical access to the DAKboard OS device.

NOTE: For SSH access on DAKboard OS versions 3.30 (RPI) and 103.32 (OPI) and later, use our article 

DAKboard OS SSL Configuration and Use to set up your SSH credentials. For earlier versions of the OS, reach out to our Support Team and request the credentials. SSH will require direct access to your Display via ethernet.

If you are using SSH you can skip this step. If you are using a USB mouse and keyboard, press Ctrl-Alt-T to bring up a Terminal window.

Type the command line ifconfig and press enter. Look for the section starting with "wlan0", then find the MAC address next to "ether", as seen below:

Write this down and the rest will need to be done on your router.

Using the MAC address:

NOTE: Please consult your Router Owners manual, or website for further details on how to use these advanced configuration steps. Our support team will be unable to help you with this portion.

Using the MAC address will depend on the make and model of your router. Your MAC address can be used to specify what IP will be applied to your DAKboard OS device using your router's DHCP service, and it can be used to allow you to ping with the DAKboard OS device, without having all devices in your network ping enabled.

Most modern routers will have a Graphical interface that will allow you to specify any device that you can identify on your network. The DAKboard OS device does have a Hostname of DAKboard which should allow you to find the unit and its MAC address in your network, but sometimes, it will be wrongly identified as a Chromebook or Linux device. This will only be on your router if you were able to successfully connect it to the internet. So if it is there you can confirm this with the MAC address you got above.

If the ping is disabled or you are unable to connect to the internet first, your router should have a place to set up a device. If you do, open this tool and use its fields to add your Display. Most commonly this will be a MAC address and IP address field, but there can also be a name field. Once this information is entered, the DHCP on your router will then assign the IP you set up to the MAC address of the Display allowing it to connect to your router. From here, you can designate that IP with the ability to ping the internet. 

Once completed, reboot your DAKboard OS device, it will be assigned the IP you selected, and be able to ping out allowing you to complete the setup.

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