DAKboard can pull in weather information from various sources and can be formatted in many different layouts.  To get started, open your custom screen and click ADD A BLOCK like shown:

NOTE: DAKboard can only present the data as it is supplied to us from the weather source. We do not control this data, its accuracy, or its changes. We only present it as it is supplied to us from your selected source.

Weather Sources:

  • Dark Sky
  • OpenWeatherMap
  • Weatherbit
  • WeatherUnderground (no longer provides API keys)

Weather Layouts

DAKboard can be configured to show weather in many different layouts including the following: 

Current conditions only:

Current conditions with a short text summary:

Current conditions with forecast and moon info:

Condensed view with "Feels like" temperature and chance of precipitation:

Weather Settings:

The following settings are available within the weather content block:

Having Trouble?

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