To change your DAKboard display's orientation, first, make sure your custom screen orientation is set correctly (if using a custom screen). Predefined Screens will auto-adjust based on the orientation and resolution of the DAKboard OS device.

NOTE: With Free accounts and Predefined Screens, the rotation is based on the DAKboard OS rotation and cannot be changed as with the Custom Screen. Skip to the DAKboard OS Orientation section below to complete Orientation changes for Predefined Screens.

Custom Screen Orientation:

In the DAKboard account, click on Screens, then click the Custom Sceen you wish to rotate, and click the gear icon in the top right-hand corner of the Editor page. See below:

In the settings modal that opens, click on the dropdown next to the word Orientation, select Portrait or Landscape from this dropdown, and then click Save. See below:

Orientation Changes with Custom Resolution:

When using Custom Resolution on your Custom Screen, to change the orientation you need to reverse the Width and the Height settings. For example, the 1080p resolution is width 1920 by height 1080 when in Landscape, but it is width 1080 by height 1920 for Portrait. If you want to set it to Portrait you need to manually make this change as seen below:

Once you make the change and Save, this will manually change the Orientation. To change it back simply reverse the resolution.

DAKboard OS Orientation:

The next step works if you are using a DAKboard OS device. In your DAKboard account, click on Displays & Devices, then click the three dots next to the desired display and select Settings:

Scroll down and select View Device Settings:

NOTE: To access the display settings, you'll need to be on the same WiFi network as your Wall Display or CPU.

On the new screen that opens up, scroll down to the Screen section, and select the desired orientation.

Scroll down and click Save Changes or Save and Reboot to apply the changes. Once complete, restart the device by unplugging the power and then plugging it back in. When it starts up, the orientation change will take effect.  For DAKboard OS devices running v2.28 (find my release) and later, no restart is necessary and the changes will take effect immediately.


Orientation did not Change:

If the orientation change did not take effect, repeat the process, but wait 5-10 minutes after saving, before unplugging your device.

If your DAKboard OS device still does not change orientation, please check that the resolution is set correctly. Resoluitions outside the monitor's capabilities may leave the last image on your Display until you correct the resolution. 

Samsung The Frame TV:

Samsung's The Frame TV has a built-in accelerometer designed to prevent it from having its orientation changed by external sources like the DAKboard OS. Models of The Frame TV older than 2021 could not be made to hang in Portrait mode and will not be able to be forced into this mode. Models 2021 and newer and 32" and larger can be hung in Portrait mode, but settings in the TV need to be adjusted for this to work.

Consult your owner manual and confirm your The Frame TV can be changed to this orientation before connecting a DAKboard OS device. If it can, change the settings on the TV first, then adjust the DAKboard OS device and your Screen accordingly. 

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