To change your DAKboard display's orientation, first make sure your custom screen orientation is set correctly (if using a custom screen):

In the DAKboard settings, click on Screens, then choose your screen, and go to the "Settings & Defaults" tab. Here, make sure the orientation is set correctly:

Next, click "Displays & Devices" and then click on the more actions button and select "Settings":

On the new screen that opens up, scroll down to the Screen section, and select the desired orientation.

Note: You'll need to be connected to the same wifi network in order to access the display settings.

Scroll down and click "Save Changes". Once complete, restart the device by unplugging the power and then plugging it back in. When it starts up, the orientation change will take effect. 

Note: If the orientation change did not take effect, repeat the process again, but wait 5-10 minutes after clicking "Save Changes", before unplugging your device. 

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