There are a few different ways to remotely restart a DAKboard Wall Display or CPU. Continue reading to learn more.

Use a Smart Plug:

There are many smart plugs that can be used to restart a DAKboard device from a smartphone or tablet remotely. Just plug the DAKboard device into the smart plug and by turning the plug off and back on, you can restart your DAKboard device. 

Amazon's smart plug ( works over wifi and is a good option if you don't already have any smart home devices. Samsung's smart plug ( also works well, but you'll need the SmartThings hub for it to connect. 

Connect via SSH:

If your DAKboard CPU or Wall Display is still within its 90 warranty, please review its conditions before making changes to the device.

To remotely connect to your Display or CPU, you'll first need to find the IP address of the display. You can find this in the DAKboard settings, under Displays & Devices. Click the three dots next to your Display and select Settings. In the popup, you'll see the IP address. 

NOTE: Your computer will need to be connected to the same WiFi network as your device to be able to access it via SSH. 

Please create a support ticket to request the SSH Credentials. 

NOTE: On devices running OS versions RPi 3.30 or OPi 103.31 you can activate and set the SSH credentials yourself. Use our article DAKboard OS SSL Configuration and Use explains how to do this.

On a Mac computer

Open the Terminal program, then type the following command: ssh pi@YOUR_IP_ADDR (replacing YOUR_IP_ADDR with the IP address found above), then press enter.

When prompted for the password, type the password provided in the request above and press enter.

Or on a Windows computer:

Open, or download the Putty program (free download at Paste the IP Address found above into the Host Name or IP Address field and press the Connect button. When prompted, type the Username and Password provided in your request above or set up by you when you enable SSL.

Then, once logged in, type the following command: sudo rebootand then press enter. This will restart your device and log you out.

Automatically Restart on a Schedule:

Lastly, you can configure the DAKboard device to restart daily at a certain time. Use the instructions above to connect to the DAKboard device via SSH. Once connected, type the following command:

sudo nano /etc/cron.d/dakboard

Press enter, then use the arrow keys to go to the bottom of the file, and paste or type in the following on a new line:

* 4 * * * root /sbin/reboot

Then press ctrl-o and then ctrl-x to save and quit. 

This will trigger the DAKboard device to restart daily at 4 AM. Adjust the "4" in the command above to restart at any hour make sure you use the 24-hour time format. As an example, Midnight would be 0 and 11 pm would be 23.

Having Trouble?

- Create a Support Ticket